Harris County Veterinary Medical Association (HCVMA) is committed to enhancing the Human Animal Bond through education to veterinarians and pet owners.

We understand the bond you have with your pet and know you want your companion to enjoy many happy, healthy years. Our veterinarians are committed to providing care to the animals you share your life with as family members. HCVMA members are committed to excellence in veterinary medicine, by receiving 18 plus hours of continuing education each year.

Our commitment to the advancement of veterinary medicine and pet owners is continually developing as technology develops. HCVMA’s new website has several tools to help pet owners educate themselves about their particular pet as well as veterinarians in the area. Please use our Pet Owner's Education page to find a number of reliable veterinarian sponsored websites. These websites are full of valuable medical information. We also have a Veterinarian Member Directory page that allows pet owners to search HCVMA database to locate a HCVMA Member clinic close to your home.

In 1991, HCVMA and veterinarians throughout Houston united to form the Harris County Veterinary Medical Foundation (HCVMF), a nonprofit organization dedicated to building a better, healthier world for pets. Harris County Veterinary Medical Foundation (www.hcvmf.org) is a non-profit educational foundation dedicated to promoting public awareness of the medical and humane issues affecting the health and welfare of our pets, responsible pet ownership, animal welfare, and public health.

Thank you for being a responsible pet owner.