Dear Member,                                               

In April there is no Thursday evening meeting, so enjoy the extra daylight, those rare sunny days with low humidity, and Texas wildflowers before the summer weather sets in. Our March meeting was well attended, and featured two pathologists generously sponsored by Antech, and a raffle for a number of free cytology and histopathology submissions. Drs. Whitley and Patel’s presentation is posted in speaker notes in the members’ area of

Sunday, May 6, is our next meeting. Registration is open on-line and is free to all HCVMA members. Non-member veterinarians can register online for $100 and technician/hospital staff for $60. This all-day seminar sponsored by Hill’s, Specialty Veterinary Pharmacy, and Elanco will feature Dr. Mike Willard speaking on multiple gastroenterology/hepatology topics including chronic hepatic disease in dogs, biliary disease, portosystemic shunts, and regurgitation. Dr. Willard recently retired from Texas A & M, so this may be one of our last opportunities to host him. Do not miss this one! Our lunchtime speaker, Dr. Gregory Grauer, is sponsored by Idexx and he will be speaking on early diagnosis and management of chronic kidney disease. In addition, Elizabeth Choate from TVMA will give a brief update on current legislative issues affecting veterinary medicine. It will be interesting to hear what has evolved from the panel discussion between the TVMA, TBVME, and the DEA at the recent TVMA conference.

As of April 1, dues have increased to $185, but there are still 18 hours of CE remaining  for   HCVMA  members.

June 3rd is our HCVMA Family Zoo Day at the Houston Zoo. Watch your email for registration to open and details of the day to become available. Blue Pearl Veterinary Partners and Royal Canin are teaming up to bring us this event.

We hope to see you on May 6th.

Respectfully Submitted,

Angela Coleman, DVM

2018 HCVMA President