Dear Member,

 The current events that have struck Harris County are absolutely heartbreaking. And the trials that have begun to plague us are not even near to being over. My deepest sympathies go out to those affected by the flooding. The HCVMA is here for all of our veterinarians and community as a source of communication and aid. Please do not hesitate to reach out to add yourself to our volunteer list or if you are in need of assistance.

In the coming months we will need to continue to work together as a veterinary community. There have been so many incredible examples and stories that I have heard personally and from other veterinarians taking action to help those in need. Whether you are volunteering your time, offering shelter to animals in need, or simply cutting a client a break that has lost everything…thank you from the bottom of my heart. We are no longer a community of “my client” or “your patient”, but a community of veterinary medicine offering help to relieve the suffering of animals. We will need to keep this mentality strong as we finish out the year.

I want to make special note of our mobile veterinary community. Many of you have been working hard to assist those who cannot reach veterinary care with lost cars and houses. My appreciation also goes to our board of directors. Shannon Mercer especially has been manning our email system and calling professionals on our behalf to keep our information and communication up to date even before the storm hit our area.

As an act of camaraderie and to offer some normalcy to our lives, the HCMVA plans to continue with our next CE meeting on September 14th. I encourage you to join us and your colleagues in coming together so we can all talk as a community and have the opportunity to hear a wonderful speaker. Dr. Alison Diesel, a dermatologist with Texas A&M will be joining us to speak on systemic diseases that manifest as dermatological conditions. A big thank you to Merck for sponsoring this event.

Respectfully submitted,                       

Emily Gaugh, DVM, MPH                                       

President HCVMA