Dear Member,

This year the HCVMA is trying something new with a mixer at the Karbach Brewery on Saturday July 8th at 1:00PM-4:00PM. This event includes one hour of continuing education. If you would like to come out for a good presentation by Dr. Bill Liska, socialization, and beer please register online before July 5th! Tours of the brewery are also available. Each veterinarian can bring a guest for an additional $15, you would need to register that guest through the online system as well.  I would like to thank Blue Pearl Veterinary Partners for sponsoring this meeting.

Please stay up to date with information regarding the canine influenza H3N2 as the summer dog shows come to town. You can get more information at the following website from TVMDL:

Our next regular HCVMA meeting is on Thursday, September 14, 2017 sponsored by Merck.  Dr. Alison Diesel will be speaking on veterinary dermatology, so be sure to come out and join us. 

Please mark your calendar for Sunday, October 8, 2017.  Dr. Andy Roark, media sensation and international speaker will be discussing practice management.  This will be our final meeting of the year combined with Galveston county.  Registration is required and now open. Please visit our  website for a complete list of upcoming continuing education opportunities.

Respectfully submitted,          

Emily Gaugh, DVM, MPH   

President HCVMA