Continuing Education

General Meeting - September 12, 2019 - Zoonotic Disease

Date: 12-Sep-2019

"Zoonotic Disease - Coming Soon to a Clinic or Shelter Near You (or "What You Wish You Didn't Have to Know But Absolutely Must!")

With their linkages to animals, Man, and the environment, zoonotic diseases are the true poster child for the One Health movement.  They are also among the most fascinating medical conditions on earth.  This presentation examines both the veterinary profession's and Mankind's long relationship with these infectious maladies and provides important perspective on the current and dangerous era of new and emerging disease.  The program will highlight many pathogens and parasites that threaten our patient's health and hospitals.  The discussion includes a strong focus on biological risk management and prevention.

We are glad to have Dr. Jay Tischendorf, DVM and former Marine, deliver the CE. 

Thanks to Merck for sponsoring this meeting!

Attendance requires registration: